Tee Shirts

Many different fabrics can be used in the manufacturing of tee shirts. However, Hemp Tee Shirts are clearly the best choice. The naturally durability of hemp makes it an excellent choice for a shirt fabric, because it extends the life of the shirt. Blending tee shirts between hemp and organic provides the perfect combination of durability and softness for a tee shirt. Hemp also provides other benefits to fabrics, such as it’s natural microbial properties. Antio microbial helps prevent mold and mildew from growing on the fabric, prolonging the life of it once again. It also helps cut down on odors from mildew and mold growth, something that is associated with some of the smells of sweat and body odor. the growth of hemp as a crop is more beneficial for the environment then other crops, making hemp tee shirts very Eco-friendly as well. Hemp can be grown in a variety of climates, and yields very high amounts of crop per acre, at a fraction of the work and cost. It also uses a lot less water than other plants to grow, making it a no brainier to grow. If hemp was in a standard crop rotation in water starved states such as California, they would be saving hundreds of millions of gallons of water just by simply growing hemp as opposed so other, more water intensive, crops.